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We believe that talented people love to work in responsive, team-based organizations where everyone shows leadership


We believe that teams are in the heart of the value stream and should have the autonomy to deliver maximum value. People outside the teams focus on how to support and enable the teams to deliver value.


We believe that people showing leadership continuously grow, collaborate with peers and have fun doing so. A leader creates clear goals and enables others to pro-actively move towards those goals.


We believe that organizations should evolve in the same pace as society changes. Leaders should continuously learn the skills needed to match these changes.



We guide people on their leadership journey

Leading Change

People drive change. We help you form a leading coalition within the value chain, so that engaged employees and real customer needs drive the change.

Empower People

Mature and autonomous teams need great leadership. We start a leadership evolution in your teams by showing, doing and teaching. Our goal is to equip the teams with what they need to sustain this evolution.

Leadership Journeys

We help leaders to gradually shift responsibilities towards the teams, while gaining new leadership skills. We help teams to take ownership for the value they deliver.



The people of Evolutionary Leadership


Ron Eringa

Ron’s mission is to create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world. As trainer for Scrum.org, writer and frequent speaker he is enthusiastic about leadership development. Ron has helped many organizations to develop learning journeys for their Agile Professionals. Founder of Agile Leadership School.


Randy Keyers

Randy’s mission is helping organizations with their leadership towards autonomy, purpose and mastery of their teams. He has over 10 years of experience in guiding the way to high quality, value and energy in the teams and organization, in different roles in the field of leadership, Agile and Professional Scrum.


Steven Happee

Steven’s mission is helping organizations, teams and people grow by introducing and strengthening an Agile mindset as an Agile Leader, Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner. As a friendly and robust guide, he’s happy to accompany you on your journey to uncover your servant leadership potential and helps you adopt an experimental mindset on the way.

Together with our partner organizations Scrum.org, Evolutionary InsightsFacilitator Shop and Agile Leadership School we have over 50 years of expertise in leadership, training, coaching and facilitation. All of our people have been leaders themselves and bring a lot of practical experience on how to create other leaders.



Our Products and Services

(Leadership) Coaching

Agile Talent Journey




The Facilitator Shop

Our experienced coaches help you introduce a new leadership style in your organization.

We offer intermediate coaches an in-house traineeship to become an expert leadership coach.

We offer various assessments for teams. This helps create awareness and gives insights in possible next steps on your way to great performance.

Our partner the Agile Leadership School helps you develop a leadership style that stimulates creativity, greatness and engagement.

We offer custom workshops to improve the leadership in you organization.

The shop for the materials and games you need as a facilitator.


Our Customers



Evolutionary Leadership
Evolving organizations for tomorrow’s generation